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Customer Care Representative

At Nurtio, we love our customers.

Our mission is to reconnect people and plants, and we do so by offering the world’s first connected gardening technology to the various stakeholders in commercial real estate.

We are a high-tech startup with a complex technology stack, but we do see ourselves primarily as a service company, and for us, it’s beyond important to know that each of our customers is happy and surrounded by TLC. 


That’s why we are opening a new vacancy - the Customer Care Representative and this new colleague of ours will be: 

  • talking to each of our customers on a regular basis and helping them with selecting the right technology for their projects


  • doing the product demos and assisting the new customers during their first installations

  • making sure that none of the shipments to the customers is lost, and if for some reason something went wrong with equipment - then also organizing timely and prompt hardware replacements

  • working closely with our product management team to identify unmet customer needs and come up with the new product features

  • working closely with our marketing team to produce the media content that will help our customers understand our technology better

  • finally, working closely with sales to make sure each of the new and existing customers turns into a lasting long-term relationship


What will you need to shine in this role:


  • first and foremost, excellent English - as about 80% of our customers are native English speakers (both USA and UK)

  • if you speak any other languages - f.e. Dutch, German or French - that would be a plus, but it’s not a strong requirement

  • you really need to be super-organized - we work in a very fast-paced environment and are keeping a lot of balls in the air 

  • you also have to be culturally flexible and truly service-oriented - our customers are some of the nicest people you would ever deal with, and we want them to feel the same about us

  • lastly, you have to be a self-starter - our team is small but super efficient, and we are looking for a team member that can take responsibility for the whole company domain and doesn’t have to be pushed or pulled 

One important thing to mention - we don’t care where you are in the world as long as you can be great at your job. 

Based in the Netherlands and prefer working from the office? No problem, we got one in Delft.

Living somewhere else? Also, no big deal - you can work remotely. 


The role is full-time (think 40 hours a week on average), but we are also open to discussing a flexible schedule - as long as you can be there for our customers when they need you.

If you have all the things above and are able to learn quickly (f.e. easily master the CRM and other automation software we use) - we would love to hear from you! 

Does this look like a job that can make you happy? 

Please send us your CV and motivation letter to

Best of luck with your application and hopefully see you on our team!

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