You ask, we answer

How can I buy it?

For your convenience and peace of mind we offer Nurtio as a subscription-based service that you can keep for as long as you want to.


For a flat annual fee per sensor, you are getting the full package: the sensors, the base station(s), the access codes to the app, a personalized dashboard, and of course full technical support.

How much does it cost?

The cost of Nurtio for your particular case depends on several factors: how many plants you have, how many base stations you will require (usually one per building, unless you have a gigantic building), and finally which country you are from.


We will soon add a budget calculator to our website, but for now, we will look at every case individually and hope to pleasantly surprise you with our early-bird prices.

Do you have any job openings?

At the moment all our vacant positions are filled and we don`t have any vacancies.

However, we are always open to new talent. So, if you can’t find a suitable vacancy there, just drop us an email with your CV and a cover letter, and we will see what we can do.

How сan I invest in your company?

Nurtio Technologies is now starting the preparations for our Seed round, which we expect to close in 2021H2.

If you are interested to participate, please get in touch with our  CEO Iryna Pakhomova for the most recent investor pitch deck.

In what countries are you operating?

We are based in the Netherlands, so naturally this will be our first market to launch our product(s). However, we are already planning our rollout in the UK and in the Nordic countries in early 2021. 


If you are curious about how soon we are coming to your country or want to help us bring our product to your market, please just kindly let us know.

Do you provide any plant replacement warranty?

Since Nurtio is a subscription-based product, it implies that if anything goes wrong with our hardware, we will replace it ASAP at our own expense.


However, unfortunately, we can’t provide any plant replacement guarantee. Nurtio is a decision-making tool, and we have no control over how well the instructions are being followed.