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Image by Paul Hanaoka
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Your peace of mind when it comes to the difficult plants

Interested to see how Nurtio Protect can help your business?

What it does?


Fine-tune the irrigation of your most difficult plants displays (including living walls)


Get the data right from the root ball (that would be hard to reach otherwise)


Have “eyes” on your service site 24/7 and stay on top of any emergency that can happen


Get a true “insurance” to protect your and your customer’s most valuable plants


Stand out during the tenders and win the best projects in your areas

How it works?

Nurtio Protect sensors

Our system starts with the sensors that come in different sizes and allow you to receive the measurements right from the root ball. Without any human interaction, the sensors take hourly measurements.


This includes four most essential plant parameters:

  • substrate moisture or water level

  • light level

  • ambient temperature

The batteries of the sensor last at least three years.

No Wi-Fi or network need for the sensors, they operate independently of your customer's network and Wi-Fi. The sensors connect to the Nurtio network through our gateway device. The gateway is plug-and-play, no setup required, the only thing needed is plugging it into a power socket. Usually one gateway is installed per site.

Nurtio Protect gateway
Nurtio Protect Backoffice view
Mobile Plant view

All the data coming from your plants can be viewed on the webpage and on the mobile app. Moreover, our software allows you to easily set up all the desired alerts for your plants and receive alerts whenever your action is required to keep the plant healthy and good-looking.

Curious to try?

See what Protect can offer you!

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