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Nurtio smart service color logo 4000x4000.png

let data science do the boring work
while you focus on what really matters

Make the smart algorithms work for you


Connect your complete service sites with the smart sensors


Let the algorithms remove all the guesswork from the maintenance process and ensure the top-notch quality no matter who does the job


Save your costs by optimizing the frequency of your visits and by dramatically reducing your plant replacement rate 


Improve your labor economics and onboard new team members in a matter of hours

When developing Nurtio Smart Service, we want

Road Trip

To prevent the excessive visits

to the service sites and to save your costs


To keep your plants alive as much as possible - as simple as this

Business Meeting

To unlock your growth potential by onboarding your new people in record time

We are looking for piloting customers!
Would you like to become one?

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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