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Our first and primary product helps the users with taking care of the indoor plants at the offices and public spaces.

Created in partnership with the most experienced gardening companies, it truly removes all the guesswork from the process, provides you with the full remote access to the data, and drastically optimizes the required effort.

When working on Nurtio for Office Plants we kept hearing a question from our launching customers: do you by any chance have anything for the green walls?

Well, we didn't at the moment, but we are thinking about creating this product now.

Are you dealing with the green walls and could use additional information on their condition provided to you remotely? Let`s talk as we might be able to help.

Our sensors have the IP66 enclosure, which allows an outdoor use. With that in mind, remote monitoring of the green roofs of moss or other vegetation is another use case we would like to explore.

Is that something your company does professionally? Or do you know any other green roof maintenance company that would like to optimize their labor and cost? Let us know - we got a couple of questions.