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The sensors

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Our biggest pride is
the wireless smart sensors designed specifically for the interiorscaping industry

  • take an hourly measurement of substrate moisture, fertilizer, light, and temperature

  • powered by two AAA batteries lasting over 3 years

  • equipped with an NFC chip, which allows to uniquely identify the plant during the maintenance and to trigger the most recent measurements

The gateway

Your personal bridge
to all the plantscaping knowledge of the humanity 

  • rolls out a network for your sensors and transmits the measurements to our cloud environment 

  • has a minimal range of 50 m (~ 160 ft) 

  • completely plug-and-play: doesn't depend on the local networks and communicates directly through the cell towers​

GW2 (2).png

Mobile app

Simple and handy mobile application is 
your personal maintenance assistant
right in your pocket

  • allows you to install your sensors with only a few clicks

  • gives you a complete overview of your service site with all the jobs to be done

  • presents a simple yet informative overview of the current status of the plant, as well as the maintenance history

  • works with both Android and iOS smartphones

  • with the flexible and customizable system of alerts, keeps you up to date about the situation at your service sites - no matter if you are there or not


Back Office

A web-based dashboard to help you to
stay in full control
over your whole service portfolio

Mockup MAC.png
  • a complete overview of all your operations and all your service sites

  • convenient filters to help you find that very plant with just a couple of clicks

  • a flexible system of alerts of notifications to help you find the right  balance between being informed and being swamped in the info

  • export, import, automated reporting - everything a proper war room dashboard should do! 

Why we are different


We have over 70 years of combined experience in the industry


We are passionate about what we do and dream of making a change


Hundreds of customers already use our products and trust our service

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