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What's New in Nurtio Insight
Visits and reporting

The new visit report allows users to track maintenance visits for plants through an app. The gardener can mark if a plant has been watered, pruned, and fertilized. Notes and photos can be added for each plant. After the visit, the summary report can be viewed in the Back Office, so you can see at a glance what maintenance activities have been performed. Quickly review the technician’s notes to see if additional action is needed, and browse through earlier visit reports of a site to identify trends.

You can now track your maintenance visits for your plants. Tracking a visit can be done through the app by the gardener that is on site. This visit can be tracked for an entire site or per floor. Watered will be marked by default for all plants, but can be easily removed for all plants by using the Watered box on top. Same goes for marking and unmarking Pruned and Fertilized. A note with text and photos can be added per plant if extra information is required, for example, why the plant was not watered. 

After the visit is finished, all of the plants in the visit get a remake in the history showing the actions executed in the visit. The summary report of the visit will be shown in the Back Office.

The visit report section in the Back Office will show all visits that are done. You can now directly see the comments, the skipped plants, and the visits on the same site.

A visit can be opened to see more details, like which plant got which care.

Visits and reporting
Imprved quality report
Improved quality report

Gain clear insight into the quality of the plants on each customer site. In one glance note the overall quality on each site and drill down on a specific site to identify quickly which plants need that extra bit of attention. 


The quality report is updated. It will now show the plants, which can easily be filtered based on site and quality.

Plant history and notes
Plant history and notes

Each plant has a history, so you can easily see what happened to a plant over time. Leave notes, attach images, view the maintenance history or track the plant health. No more need to remember or guess what maintenance a colleague has performed. It’s all directly available in the mobile app. 

Plant history and notes_Backoffice.png

Notes can now be added in the history of the plant. Notes can have text and/or one or more images. In this way, you can for example keep track of issues with the plant and complaints of customers.

Plant replacements
Plant replacements

The plant replacement process is often cumbersome. Replacements can now be requested through the app and keep track of the status through the Back Office. Saving you the hassle of inefficient discussions and unclear replacement status. 

Plant replacements_mobile 1.png
Plant replacements_mobile 2.png
Plant replacements_mobile 3.png

Replacement requests for plants can now be handled through the Nurtio software. A request can be placed through the app. Here details about the replacement can be added. After this the replaced overview can be seen and updated in the BackOffice. 

Plant replacements_Backoffice.png
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