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Our customers are saying

"Nurtio helped us avoid a long-term lighting issue we may have otherwise missed"

Joe Zazzera, Plant Solutions

While being busy with connecting people and nature, Joe Zazzera found time to give us a quick interview on his experience using our products.

Hi Joe, thank you for making some time for us. Just to start, could you please tell us a bit about your company Plant Solutions? What is your main business? Where do you operate geographically? What kind of services do you provide?


Hey guys! Our company, Plant Solutions, is based in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, and was founded in 1981. We have seen many changes in our industry, the least of which is the addition of technology. In the beginning, we simply designed living plants in planters and provided maintenance services to commercial clients. As the years went by, we slowly added custom botanicals, holiday décor, patioscaping, residential services, living walls, and our trademarked MossWallArt™, a living Product Challenge product that meets strict criteria in its manufacture and sustainability.


You seem to be doing a lot of maintenance. A very tricky part of the business for the whole industry! What are the biggest operational problems you encounter every day?


Currently, the biggest challenge is keeping enough personnel in training to service the high demand for Nature in the space. In my 42 years in the industry, I have never seen such high demand and desire for building occupants to be surrounded by nature.

What did you first think when you learned about Nurtio Protect, the product you are actively using now?


I was excited to try out the product and see where the technology could take us. With the Nurtio system, I monitor the moisture levels of most of our living walls. Although we are not yet using it on every wall, most of our new walls include this technology.


And yet you were brave enough to become one of our first launching customers in the United States. Compliments for that! How was the first experience?


I have always been an early adopter. I am pretty used to growing and changing as products evolve and change. There were some App issues in the beginning, and a few sensors were buggy, but Nurtio took care of the issues very quickly and has been very honest and communicative with changes and updates. They often reach out for feedback and ways to improve the product.

Can you give us a couple of examples of when Nurtio helped you spot an issue and take the appropriate action?


Sure, the most obvious one, of course, is when sections of our plant walls go too dry, and we can remotely water. A pleasant surprise was with some large trees in a new building project. We had a client who installed window coverings that were to be controlled by the computerized building system. The blinds were installed well after the trees. Building management had directed the software programmers to keep blinds open during certain hours for us. As I was reviewing the lighting data, I noticed graphically that the lighting levels had fallen. I was able to identify the exact date the blinds were installed and that the programmer had not properly set the open-close times. We showed the graphics to the building owners, and they took care of the issue right away. This, of course, avoided a long-term lighting issue we may have otherwise missed.


You also heard about our new product, Nurtio Insight - the software instrument for field inventory management. What do you think about this concept?


I think it has potential, but it will take a real commitment to implement, particularly with existing accounts. I am watching closely. Did I say I was an early adopter…

What are your general thoughts on where our industry will go in the future? Any forecasts or the emerging trends you can already, see?


Biophilia is our innate need to connect with other living things, many of us have been chanting the message that what we feel when in and around nature is baked in, it is part of our DNA. The awareness of this innate desire is at an all-time high; it is not a fad or trend. I believe it will not be bred out of who we are. I am continually excited to be in this industry, I am a lucky man to be able to live my passion for nature.


Is there anything else you would like to share with us and our readers?


As business people, we are used to taking risks. Although it may be a bit difficult to integrate technology into the plant world, I believe there are opportunities to do so despite what may seem like some initial doubts. I hope we can all embrace the opportunities ahead as the world around us evolves.

Many thanks, Joe! It’s always a pleasure to talk to you, and we really appreciate all the detailed feedback we keep receiving from you. This helps us make our products better by day, and we do hope you like working with us just as much as we like working with you. Best of luck with all the plants and talk to you again soon! 

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