How it works

With the easy-to-install sensors in every plant pot, Nurtio measures the water level/humidity of the soil, EC, light and temperature and sends this information to the server via the LoRa-connected base station.

On the server, the software algorithms process this data, combine it with the type of plant, predict the needs of the plants, and then suggest the optimal date of maintenance for the whole set of plants, to do it in one go.

All the instructions and measurements become available to the system users both via a convenient app (for the maintenance personnel) and an extensive web panel (for the activity planners and management).

How it looks

The head of our sensor contains all the essential electronics and two standard AA batteries to power it. Then the user can attach the different probes to the head, that would allow to effectively monitor different types (soil or hydro) and different sizes (small, mid-size or large) of plants ,

Our sensors can be installed directly into the substrate or, alternatively, be put inside the pipe of a standard hydroculture water level. Either way it looks small and cute, and restlessly does its job.

What it does



the plant care

Nurtio improves the quality of plant care. Based on the results of our tests, it reduces the death rate of plants by at least 40%.

The main task of Nurtio is to optimize the amount of work needed to maintain your plants.

We help you save on man-hours so you can reallocate the released funds to something more pleasant. Maybe, more plants?

Better labor economics

Even from a distance, you know precisely how your plants are doing and if they need anything. Should there be any emergency, we will make sure you are notified in a timely manner and provided with advice on how to tackle it.

Plant management tool

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