How it works

Mobile app

Smart sensors

•  have modular structure: work for both soil and hydro plants and come in different sizes

•  measure water intake, fertilizer, light and temperature


assists field personnel during the maintenance

Cloud-based server

analyzes the measurements and generates simple and easy-to-follow maintenance instructions


Web panel

enables analytics, modeling and control over multiple locations and the distributed field team

How it looks

The head of our sensor, which we call a power module, contains all the essential electronics to collect, store, and send the measurements via the wireless network.

The power module is powered by two AAA-batteries that will last for over 3 years


It also has the light and the temperature sensors, which monitor the environment around the plant.

Then the user can attach the different probes - depending on the size of the plant and growing medium. The probes measure the water intake of the plant and also the nutrient level.

Soil plants: 
fixed-sized probes of 7, 15 and 35 cm.

Hydro/semi-hydro/volcaponic plants: the flexible-sized probes suitable for plants between 12 to 120 cm of height

The probes connect to the power module via the special bayonet connector. It automatically detects the type of probe and interprets the measurements accordingly. 

The sensor has the IP66 enclosure, which allows you to use it both indoors and outdoors. 

What it does



the plant care

Nurtio improves

the quality of plant care.


Based on the results of our tests, it reduces the death rate of plants by at least 55%.

The main task of Nurtio is to optimize the amount of work needed to maintain your plants. We help you save on man-hours so you can reallocate the released funds to something more pleasant.

Maybe, more plants? :)

Better labor economics

Even from a distance, you know precisely how your plants are doing and if they need anything. Should there be any emergency, we will make sure you are notified in a timely manner and provided with advice on how to tackle it.

Plant management tool