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Nurtio plant maintenance tools

people and plants









in ways you never thought were possible

Our products

Nurtio Protect sensors
Nurtio Protect logo

Nurtio Protect


Monitor your plants remotely and receive alerts about all the critical events

Nurtio Inisght
Nurtio Insight logo

Nurtio Insight


Excel in your field operations
with the new specialized software
for plant service companies 

Our technology is already helping 

Boston Cityscapes
Oasis Plantscaping
Growing Green
Plant Solutions
Universal Floral
Magnolia Plantscapes
Green Oasis
Olive Hill Greenhouses, Inc.
Leaf Factory
Habitat Horticulture

Our customers are saying


Joe Zazzera
Plant Solutions


"Nurtio Protect helped us avoid a long-term lighting issue we may have otherwise missed"

Dennis Zuidgeest

"A great step into the future for interior planting"

Michael Caffrey

Michael Caffrey

Universal Floral


"Nurtio Protect helps us to identify problems that need to be clarified, e.g., larger trees up to 5 meters"

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