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Proudly presenting

the world's first
connected gardening technology

designed specifically for the corporate environments

On a mission to reinvent the interiorscaping

In Nurtio, we love plants.

We have dedicated over 70 years of our team`s combined experience to the commercial plantscaping industry, so we know for sure: behind the beautiful plant designs, there is always an arduous work of dozens of people: the architects and designers, the project managers and the procurement people, the delivery and the installation crews.

But when the installation is done, the next challenge awaits – how to maintain all this beauty in conditions that are often not very plant-friendly.

  • How to get the watering and the fertilizing right?

  • How to find the most suitable place for a plant given the light and temperature conditions?

  • How often to visit the site, and how to transfer the knowledge between different plant technicians?

In Nurtio, we do have an answer.

After years of development, hundreds of interviews, and pilot projects, we are proudly presenting three high-tech products developed specifically for the commercial plantscaping industry.

Our products

Monitor your plants remotely and receive alerts about all the critical events


Get in control over your service portfolio and help  your techs not miss a single plant 

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Let data science run your operations while you do what really matters

Nurtio Protect

Nurtio Insight

Nurtio Smart Service

Our customers are saying:


Dennis Zuidgeest
Zuidkoop Natural Projects

In recent years we have had regular pleasant contact with Nurtio during the development of the wireless smart sensors.

We are super excited that we have now been able to provide our first project with this technology. This allows us to see at any time and from anywhere whether our plants have sufficient moisture, light, and temperature.

Nurtio has thus realized a great step into the future for interior planting!

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