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Our Story

For as long as humanity has existed, people have wanted to keep living plants around them - in their homes, workspaces, and public areas. It’s no surprise they do this as it’s a proven fact that plants increase productivity and make people healthier and happier.

However, all this beauty comes with a downside – a necessity to take care of these green friends. Those who are more confident, decide to do this themselves. But that often results in a lot of frustration and additional expenses - when some of the plants perish due to improper maintenance. Others prefer to delegate their plants’ handling to professionals. Yet, what they are mostly paying for, is the regular commuting time of the gardening crew according to a fixed schedule – even though sometimes the plants don’t really need anything.
In Nurtio, we decided to change this. We are developing the AI-powered technology to allow people to take better care of their plants and to do so in the most efficient and labor-optimized way. Our product, the smart virtual gardener, combines sensors that read data right from the plant with a self-educating software that processes this data and provides the users with actionable insights via the convenient app.

Having started in 2018, we have realized the world is begging for this technology. Hundreds of interviews and consultations, dozens of iterations, and, finally, several large pilot projects have convinced us – we are ready for the big launch. Our first product of the line, Nurtio for hydroculture plants, is currently being beta-tested and the commercial version will be introduced to the market in several months from now. Whether you are a gardening professional or just someone who loves plants but struggles with their maintenance, we are inviting you to be one of the pioneers with a product we believe will change how humans and plants interact forever.

Our recognition

Graduated from the Market Validation (2017) and the Acceleration (2018) programs.

The proud winner of the "Rising Star 2018" Award.

YesDelft Tech Accelerator
(Delft, the Netherlands)

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